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 Comments on the New Brewers Cave Roasted Black Barley Ale

"I'm a big fan of beer.  Not that Miller Lite 'might as well drink water' stuff - real beer.  You should try this stuff...
Mary and I were in Stillwater on Friday afternoon and the president of this brewery was walking by w/ a cooler. I believe he was stopping in on the local bars letting the staff try out this new beer. We got talking and he gave me one to try.  This beer is awesome!  Some of the 'craft' beers have a harsh after-taste - really hoppy.  This was nothing like that. Smooth from when it hit my mouth all the way to my gut.
I don't think you'll polish off a case of these in one sitting (even you college guys), but if you are looking for something to enjoy one evening while studying the USA Hockey manuals or whatever - give this a try.   
And no, I'm not getting paid anything to promote this - it was just really, really good so I wanted to get the word out. I had the Roasted Black Barley Ale.  I'm guessing they are all pretty darn good!
See some of you on Wed!"
M. Diebold 10/17/10

"Hi Frank,
We met on Friday afternoon in Stillwater - you gave me a can of the Ale while my wife, parents and I were having lunch outside some 'bistro'. Once we got home, I got it back in the fridge to chill down again and enjoyed it later that night. I thought it was GREAT.  I drank it out of the can, so I didn't experience the color or the pour or any of the visual elements (my fault).  The flavor was fantastic - all the way through.  Sometimes the 'craft' beers have a tough finish - they can be 'hoppy'.  This tasted great from beginning to end.

I love beer, but I'm not great at describing what I like / don't like about certain beers.  I usually either like it or don't - but have a hard time describing why.  I loved your beer and look forward to finding it in the store.
Thanks again for 'gift'."
M. Diebold 10/17/10

"I just tried the "new" Brewer's Cave Black Barley Ale. Very tasty! It has great color and smell. The flavor was rich but not bitter. Great beer taste. It left a good after taste and my desire for another. Do you know when they will be selling this in stores?"
D.Plagens St Paul.MN 10/15/10

Reply: It is quite a few stores already. David, go into your local store and ask for it, 9 out of 10 stores will put it in stock.

...Happy to see the Roasted Black Barley coming back - it's an old favorite! - David  V. Saint  Paul 4/10/09

...Best thing out there. Taste and value are excellent. I just moved from mich golden to BLUE DIAMOND! - Eric S,  St.Paul 3/18/09

 Comments from Beer Tasting at Big Ten Liquor in Cottage Grove, March 14, 2009

…Really smooth and not so carbonated.  The flavor really comes through!  -Beth Brandt, 3/09

…Very Good! Good Price!  -Mark Rogers, 3/09

…Best I’ve had at this Beer Tasting so far.  Impressively Smooth.  –Chris Nollan, 3/09

…Perfect for the beach on a hot sunny summer day!  How refreshing! –Bridget Theis, 3/09

…A smooth flavor.  -D. Westin, 3/09

…My official microbrew of the summer.  Great in the hot tub! –Tina Gerard, River Falls, WI, 3/09

…Really smooth and flavorful.  I’m buying some right now! –Mike, Cottage Grove, 3/09

…Smooth finish-manly taste…but not too manly. –Wes Dehnbe, Fall Creek, WI, 3/09

…My favorite beer! Jean M, St Paul, 3/09

…This is the best beer I’ve tasted here at Big Ten all day! –Jason R, Cottage Grove, 3/09

…Smooth and unique…May I have another? –Valerie, Cottage Grove, 3/09

…Great taste!  -Ron Coleman, 3/09

…This lager really surprised me. –Matt & Melissa, Brooklyn Center, 3/09

…My favorite beer out of all the beers I have tasted today. –Craig Schopf

…Smooth drinking beer with good flavor. –Patty Kupczak, 3/09

…I would drink this next to my Guinness. –Leeland Kinnell, Newport, MN 3/09

…Smooth, good taste –Richard Espinoza, Cottage Grove, MN 3/09

…Nice for a summer afternoon BBQ. –Beth W, Lakeville, MN  3/09

…Very tasty & price is good. I’ve purchased it before and will again! –Mike Gartner, New Richmond, 3/09

…Smooth, light, refreshing beverage. Great for a casual, friendly get-together or formal business affair.      –Justin Siple, Hampton,MN, 3/09   

…Very good beer at a great price. –Tim Gardner, 3/09

 …a very smooth excellent beer. –Earle Stewart, 3/09

…Delicious and very smooth! –Tara Panzer, Hudson, WI

…Really tasty and smooth. –Darryl Bolden, 3/09

…Women will love this since it’s not too carbonated. It is extremely smooth.  Laura S, 3/09                            

Premium Hand-Crafted Beer's by Blue Diamond Brewing Company of Minnesota use only the highest quality hops, grain and yeast that money can buy to brew its beer - because of these high quality ingredients, we can guarantee you a premium beer product with a consistent taste that you deserve and respect.

Blue Diamond Brewing Company
Hand Crafted
Premium Brewed Beer's
"From the Land of Blue Diamonds"


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