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"Brewed Under the German Purity Law"
"Reinheits Gebot"
No Additives or Preservatives

The Legend of Brewer's Cave. In 1885 upon discovering pristine natural springs and an abundance of cool underground caves in St. Paul, Minnesota, a young Bavarian brewer named Christoper Stahmann built the legendary Cave Brewery. To achieve the wonderfully subtle and complex taste of his brews, Stahlmann's brewing process included hand selecting the very finest malt, barley and hops...roasting them in special ovens and transforming them into a variety of beer styles and tastes. The overwhelming demand for his beers forced Stahlmann to develop a system of brewing caves that were three levels deep and a mile wide which still exist beneath St. Paul, Minnesota today.

Although we no longer use the caves to age our beers, we carry on the time-honored brewing traditions that Christopher Stahlmann established for Brewer's Cave Beer over a century ago. Today: Brewer's Cave Beer is brewed using the crystal clear spring waters bubbling up in Cold Spring, MN. The natural spring waters discovered in 1874 require no additional filtration and are considered by some to be the most purified water in Minnesota, Brewer's Cave is now recreated by former Head Brewmaster, Sig Plagens: German Born and trained in the art of (European) brewing. Today: Head Brewmaster Mike Kneip brews Brewer's Cave Beer in Cold Spring, Minnesota in the same way and tradition as Christopher Stahlmann did.

Premium Hand-Crafted Beer's by Blue Diamond Brewing Company of Minnesota use only the highest quality hops, grain and yeast that money can buy to brew its beer - because of these high quality ingredients, we can guarantee a premium beer product with a consistent taste that you deserve and respect.

Blue Diamond Brewing Company
Hand Crafted
Premium Brewed Beer's
"From the Land of Blue Diamonds"


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